Building Block Textile Fabrics

There are different sectors in textile ranging from garments we wear to clothing used by professionals. The basic building block of all the textile fabrics is fiber which can be natural or synthetic or it can hybrid made from both. The backbone of the textile industry is cotton as the cotton fibers are used as such in making a garment or are mixed with polyester or any other synthetic fiber to develop fibers as per demand.

This can be done by using different chemicals or by applying various physical methods i.e. brushing, blending or using mechanical washing techniques to develop desired texture in textile fabrics. Among the basic necessities of human beings food is followed by clothing which is then followed by shelter/home. Thus, we can say that proper clothing is crucial to our survival.

The type of cloth we wear is not in our hands (you will disagree right? well decide after you finish reading). The human clothing is determined by the region they live in. The clothing of a people of any given area is a mixture of their culture and traditions but both of them are dominated by the environmental conditions of the region. The modern day textile fabrics have two designs one is the internal design (structure of fibers) and other is external design.

The internal structure is designed as per the demands of the environment in which the garment is expected to be used for instance the garment which will be used in the colder region will have its fibers closely fused in with each other to prevent loss of heat from body and if the fabric is to be used in warm climate the fiber will be slightly away from each other allowing exchange of fresh air between the environment and human body.

The external design of textile fabrics left for fashion designers to implement their designs. The fashion trends are determined by leading fashion brands of the region, the celebrities, the socioeconomic status of people and the amount of money they are willing to spend.

The earth population has jumped above 7.5 Billion mark and it is really difficult for the designers and textile engineers to fulfill the demands of this huge number of people. So, we need to develop consensus on something common and for that, we have our media which truly frames the minds of people as regarding what to wear and what not to wear. The social media has made the job even easier people deliberately share what they like to what they are wearing which fashion store they have checked in all of this data is available o social media.

The data scientists analyze this data and data from many other sources and sell design trends which are then interpreted well by fashion designers and textile engineers and based on these trends the commercial are also developed. The word fashion simply means a way doing something in a specific manner adhering to certain rules and instilling the creative idea in such a way that your product stands out.

The basic purpose of clothes is to cover the human body without compromising comfort and style. The fashion designers take care of the style of cloth i.e color, texture, external structure and finally the garment we wear and the textile engineers design appropriate textile fabric to support the design which will be printed on the fabric. This is how the fashion and textile articles complement each other.

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