Knit fabric

Knit fabric is a textile product that has been bade by knitting. Knitting involves interlocking a set of yarn. The yarn meanders, forming symmetric bights above and under the path of the yarn. The flexibility of the fabric is what differentiates it from woven and non-woven fabric.

Fashion designers prefer this fabric to the rest because of its texture, elasticity and wrinkle resistance properties. The fabric is also easy to sew either using a machine or the stitching technique. This type of fabric is popular in the sports and athletics uniforms for the elastic property. Pre -wash the fabric to avoid shrinking.

Types of available
There are three commonly known Knit fabrics; you can recognize them by the way the yarn has been carried on either side of the fabric (right or wrong side) from stitch to stitch. Yarn is on the back for the stitch and on the front with purl. The following are the different types of the fabric.


 knit fabric

jersey knit fabric | source: craftsy.com

Jersey fabric is made by putting knit and purl together in rows. It is also known as plain or single knit. This fabric is mainly used for the manufacture of clothes. The fabric was originally woolen but now can be found of synthetic fibers and cotton.

Features of Jersey Fabric

  • The fabric does not have stretch factors.
  • Unless it has spandex it does not fully recover after stretching
  • When the fabric is pulled, its edges tend to curl perpendicular to grainline
  • Depending on the fiber content and weight,

Rib Knit

The vertical row of stitches intertwine on the on the front and back of the fabric. This fabric is made with two needles that have lines that are vertically textured. Depending with knits and purls, you can create different rib fabrics.

Features of Rib Knit

  • The fabric contain multiple crosswise stretches
  • Recovers better than Jersey after being stretched
  • The right and wrong side are similar. You are advised to choose one side and stick to it
  • It’s also stiffer and less-smooth than Jersey fabric
  • Its edges do not stretch once pulled

Interlock Fabric

It is similar to Jersey fabric only that the back and front look the same. Interlock fibric is also made with two needles.

Features of Interlock Fabric

  • It is thicker because of the double layer
  • Its recovery from stretching is not good
  • Its edges do not fold thus it’s easier to work with
  • The fabric is hard to identify the right and wrong side.


Jersey, Rib Knit and Interlocks fabrics can be made from Polyester, nylon, wool, cotton, and hemp among others which are both man-made and natural fibers. When sewing Knit fabric, you are advised to learn double needle machine to sew. This helps keep the edges of the fabric flat thus maintaining the shape. Double fabrics are the easiest to work with.

The garments that are made from fabric include: Sweaters, tops, pants, blankets, athletic apparel, pajamas and T-shirts among many others. Understanding the fabrics and their features gives you a better image of producing a better sewing project.

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